MONDO TK (frozen foods) – The porcelain system for frozen meals

The crockery system for hot and cold delivery for meals on wheels

Frozen food for meals on wheels and assisted living – economical and sustainable

The china tableware system for domestic catering is becoming more and more important. Within the scope of the “Care Strengthening Act”, it is an economic factor for all service providers that goes far beyond the pure marketing function of home-delivered meals. The quality of the dishes, their presentation and their economic efficiency are decisive for the success of the offer. Since there is not always a kitchen nearby for the production of meals or the capacities of a production company are exhausted, the DINNER-MAX MONDO TK (frozen foods) now provides the possibility of offering high-quality frozen meals on porcelain dishes for out-of-home delivery. Our new MONDO TK (frozen foods) porcelain crockery system is made for the regeneration of high-quality, frozen food components. Thanks to its unique climate and regeneration atmosphere, fantastic food quality is achieved during preparation – even after a delivery time of 3 hours.

High-quality porcelain tableware for the delivery and preparation of frozen meals


This is how the MONDO TK (frozen foods) works

The MONDO TK porcelain dishes work with a frozen food block standard for high-quality frozen ready-to-eat dishes produced by the frozen foods industry. The special thing about the frozen food blocks is that you can put together any main course yourself. There is a uniform block size for the meat and fish components of a main course. There is another uniform block size for starch side dishes (potatoes, pasta, etc.) and vegetables. Frozen bulk goods complement the components. There are so-called round “pucks” for frozen starter soups. All imaginable main dishes are possible, such as roulades in sauce with potatoes and vegetables, pasta with sauce, fish fillet with rice and vegetables or stews. Special food forms can also be implemented very easily. The small blocks are frozen directly in the 2-parted porcelain plate and the pucks in the porcelain soup bowl. Then these are closed with silicone lids. The regeneration can take place in convection ovens or combi steamers. Then the isolated transport to the customer takes place. Alternatively, the frozen menus can be delivered directly to the customer. The regeneration takes place with the microwave or with the DINNER-MAX induction device there. Salads and desserts can be included in all variants.

Regeneration of the food: Before delivery in the portioning company or directly at the customer’s

To work with the MONDO TK in portioning mode, a portioning room with freezer and refrigerator, convection oven or combi steamer and a rinsing facility are required. Alternatively, the dishes can also be delivered cold and regenerated at the customer’s home using a microwave device. The frozen menus are always ordered one week in advance in block form and in bulk and are stored in the freezer. On the day of delivery, the main courses and soups are portioned as blocks, bulk goods and pucks in the china tableware and sealed with silicone lids. Salads and desserts are pre-portioned. Now the food can be delivered cold to the customer and the customer uses the microwave for regeneration. Alternatively, they are regenerated in the combi steamer or convection oven immediately after portioning, then picked and delivered hot with the chilled salads and desserts.

Your advantages at a glance


  • Frozen meals in chinaware dishes

  • Menus can be individually combined

  • Guaranteed hot delivery up to 3 hours

  • Guaranteed cold storage for up to 4 hours

  • Suitable for the portioning of frozen foods and Cook + Chill

  • Suitable for combi steamer or convection oven regeneration

  • Suitable for microwave and induction regeneration

  • 100% tight – a whole life long!

  • Air conditioning for salads and desserts
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Independence from a production kitchen

  • Only distribution kitchen with minimal equipment necessary

  • Optimal profitability with high calculation security


  • Logistics and labeling system

  • Analogue/digital logistics support

  • Barcode/QR code can be used e.g. for return control

  • Automatisation options

  • Feather-light transport

  • One-handed operation of all system parts

  • Compact, handy dimensions

  • Non-slip and emergency braking-safe stacking in the car without tools


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We look forward to your inquiry

Our sales team is always happy to provide you with tips and support. Whether you need advice by e-mail/phone or directly on site - our extensive consulting services are always free of charge for you.

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