MONDO JUMBO – The all-rounder for meals on wheels

The box that combines a space-saving delivery and ideal temperature maintenance.


The giant of the MONDO-WORLD – the elegant and flexible box to keep food warm 

The JUMBO is our space miracle in simple, elegant silver grey. There is space for everything: the main course, soup, extra vegetables, salad, dessert, cooling lids for salad and dessert as well as extra salad sauce. Our high-quality reusable tableware, the lifelong tight silicone lids and the ingenious thermobox show all their skills in the MONDO JUMBO variant. Only the further development of the JUMBO, the PREMIUM, can do more. Whether it is hot portioning, COOK+CHILL or microwave use – the JUMBO can do (almost) everything and is therefore our bestseller in the entire German-speaking area.

Everything in one box: the key functions of the JUMBO

The MONDO thermobox system can safely pack up to 6 components and air-condition them separately. The product series enables you to deliver 2 to 6 component menus using the classic COOK+SERVE or COOK+CHILL method: The system guarantees a delivery temperature of 65°C/149°F for up to 3 hours. And in order to make the hot things stay hot and the cold things stay cold even better, there is the air conditioning system with the BLUEMAX cooling lid. This guarantees you an optimal cooling temperature of max. 10°C/50°F for your salads and desserts during the entire delivery and even allows the delivery of ice cream. This means that all hot and cold components can be supplied in accordance with the EU food hygiene regulation.

MONDO-WORLD: Reusable packaging solution with the air conditioning system

The system is available in four different versions. Our Mondo PREMIUM offers you maximum comfort and the latest innovations in food distribution. The “master model” MONDO is the best-selling classic. The JUMBO variant, together with the PREMIUM, offers the largest space for side dish components and the BASIC is the inexpensive entry-level model. All versions are compatible with the MONDO INDUCTION, VARIO and BOWL SYSTEM systems. The elegant design of the MONDO world inconspicuously takes into account any motoric restrictions of your customers. All parts are ergonomically shaped and can be operated with one hand without any physical effort. Of course, all MONDO packaging solutions can also be equipped with our BLUEMAX cooling lid for the cold components and have an extra salad dressing compartment.

New! Regeneration in the microwave
Fantastic regeneration results for cold delivered food. The high-tech porcelain in connection with a membrane-venting, tightly closing silicone lid offers a climatic cooking process with perfect results – in just 7 minutes.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Guaranteed hot delivery up to 3 hours
  • Guaranteed cold storage for up to 4 hours
  • Suitable for portioning fresh food, cook + chill and frozen food
  • Suitable for combi steamer or convection oven regeneration
  • Feather-light transport · Uniform thermobox system
  • One-hand operation of all system parts
  • Compact, handy dimensions
  • 100% tight, a whole life long
  • Air conditioning for salads and desserts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip and safe stacking in the car without aids
  • 4 different heights: BASIC, MONDO, MONDO JUMBO, PREMIUM

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