MONDO TEATIME – The supplementary all-day catering

You can deliver breakfast, dinner, snacks, cakes and drinks in one box.

Menus for the whole day: TEATIME for meals on wheels, assisted living and short-term care

The reusable packaging, our TEATIME system, is delivered as a separate box with the home-delivered meal lunch menu box. The box includes breakfast, dinner, snacks, cakes and drinks. The box can be stored in any common refrigerator model until the respective cold meal is consumed. Bread and rolls are delivered to the customer outside the box so that they arrive fresh and crispy every day. Use the new sales potential through the TEATIME offer. Because you can achieve a significant increase in profitability, as the delivery can be conducted along with the lunch menu box.


Use your current DINNER-MAX boxes to test the market for yourself. With the reusable packaging mentioned above, you can offer breakfast and dinner, as with the TEATIME box, only with a lower cloche for cover.

Everything in one box: TEATIME includes:

  • Snack boxes made of Polysoft® Light, robust, dishwasher-safe and stackable for safe transport
  • Cloche to cover breakfast/dinner with a plate for evening portioning and a porcelain plate for breakfast portioning a porcelain plate with a cloche for cakes
  • A porcelain plate with a cloche for snacks, instant drinks and one-way products
  • A porcelain bowl with a silicone lid for salad and a porcelain bowl with a BLUEMAX cooling lid for yoghurt/curd, etc.
  • ALL IN ONE BOX: Coffee and cake, breakfast with hot drinks, dinner with beverages and snacks

Your advantages at a glance

  • For supplementary all-day catering
  • Well-catered for around the clock
  • A varied and balanced diet for the whole day
  • Cakes and drinks
  • Special diet for the entire day
  • Support and maintenance of independence
  • Best support for helpers and relatives
  • There is no need to check the shelf life or hygiene of the respective food
  • New sales potential · Improvement of the logistics economy
  • 1 delivery = 2 boxes = all-day catering

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