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DINNER-MAX GmbH has been developing and producing complete, turnkey reusable packaging solutions for home-delivered meals, assisted living, kindergarten, school and business catering since 1993. Over 150,000 people are supplied with our systems every day. This makes us one of the leading companies in Europe.

The DINNER-MAX products are developed in the in-house design department and manufactured with our tools on our own production lines and at partner companies. All products are made in Germany. DINNER-MAX products meet and exceed European hygiene and quality standards.

In addition to our classic insulation systems for out-of-home catering, our product portfolio also includes reusable packaging solutions for the Cook+Chill and TK (frozen food) sectors.

The individual systems can optionally be equipped with DINNER-MAX porcelain dishes or DINNER-MAX plastic dishes in many different versions. Our packaging solutions are always holistic systems that include and cover all organisational and logistical processes in the kitchen and distribution process.

The operation of the packaging systems includes all devices and devices for storage, preheating and cooling as well as the cleaning of the dishes and the system components. Software and hardware solutions for handling all logistical processes, for organisation and accounting, as well as for monitoring and documenting the delivery temperatures of the production sites and delivery services result in a turnkey system.

In addition, our range extends from devices for inductive individual regeneration of Cook+Chill and frozen foods to products for actively heated transport to partially automated, industrial packaging solutions.


Our sales team is always happy to help and advise you. Whether through a personal consultation or a product test directly at your site – our extensive consulting services are of course always free of charge.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Is there a minimum order quantity? How long does a delivery take?

There is no minimum order quantity. We will supply just one unit if you wish. The delivery period is usually 3-6 business days, depending on the parcel service or shipping company.

Do the products have a warranty and after-sale guarantee?

Yes, both. The warranty is valid for one year. All the products we have manufactured since 1993 are still in production and are available permanently.

Will I receive consultation in my language?

Yes, a trade partner in your area will provide you with a consultation . We will be happy to provide you with a contact on request. Our Factory Service in Germany is also available at any time and will provide you with a consultation in English or German.

Does DINNER-MAX deliver to my country and is there a service in my area?

Yes. Thanks to our long-standing, reliable trade and service partners, we can provide you with nationwide support and delivery.

Where are the products manufactured and what materials are they made of?

All products in our reusable tableware system are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Polypropylene (PP) is used for the thermoboxes, porcelain for the tableware and silicone for the lids. The plastic tableware is made of PC, PP or silicone, depending on the product.

Can the various components in the different product lines be combined?

Yes, almost all products are compatible with one other. We will be happy to inform you personally about the advantages and the different options available based specifically on your needs.

What do I need to consider when cleaning?

A professional dishwasher should be used to keep tableware clean and hygienic. Suitable machines include a conveyor dishwasher, a hood-type dishwasher, or a rack conveyor system.

How does the logistics system work?

At DINNER-MAX, in addition to reusable dishes and transport boxes, you can also obtain all the accessories you need for seamless workflow of your food distribution organisation:
Our units for preheating, storage, cleaning and organisation match the dimensions and requirements of our products. Our software allows you to digitize organizational and administrative processes.

How long do the products keep food hot or cold?

Our sets of thermoboxes and reusable dishes will keep your food cold for up to 4 hours and hot for up to 3 hours (at a temperature of at least. 65 °C). Our recommendation for ice cream, desserts and salads: the BLUEMAX cooling lid, which is compatible with the PREMIUM series among others.

Are the DINNER-MAX systems also suited for ice cream and desserts?

Yes, the BLUEMAX cooling lid will keep them cold. Our self-developed temperature control guarantees you an optimal cooling temperature of max. 10 °C throughout the entire delivery run. Ice cream, desserts or salads can thus be distributed in compliance with the European Food Hygiene Regulation (1.1.2006).

Are the dishes leak-proof?

Yes, for their entire service life. Our combos of reusable dishes and dimensionally stable silicone lids are fully sealed when closed and can still be opened with just one hand. Even if the sealed dish or transport box falls over or a similar mishap occurs, your food is prevented effectively from leaking out.

Do the box and tableware systems help people with motor impairments?

Yes! All DINNER-MAX boxes and tableware systems can be opened extremely easily with one hand. The aesthetically beautiful tableware is ergonomically shaped and thus alllows users to eat with just one hand.

Can I have an in-person product demonstration and consultation on my premises?

We will gladly visit you on your premises to give you a live demonstration of our products and provide you with a comprehensive consultation. A free testing of all products is possible as well.

Can I see reference projects and testimonials?

We have collected numerous testimonials on what our customers appreciate about our products and service. On request, we will gladly send you selected reference projects relevant for your location and area of use.

We will also be happy to name companies in your area that you can visit or contact by phone.

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Our sales team is always happy to provide you with tips and support. Whether you need advice by e-mail/phone or directly on site - our extensive consulting services are always free of charge for you.

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