Tray and bowl systems for individual food distribution for all-day catering for groups

The DINNER-MAX systems for preparation and catering without delivery service

Packaging system for catering for dining groups

The bowl system is ideal for catering for dining groups in kindergartens as well as in senior and disabled facilities with a shared lunch menu. It offers the option of arranging the dishes for each individual dining group in attractive porcelain dishes in the kitchen. The bowls, sealed with silicone lids, are then delivered to the respective dining groups in special insulated boxes. Due to the excellent insulating properties of the system, it can be kept both hot and cold for up to 3 hours. The packaging system from DINNER-MAX enables either a long hot delivery or the on-site regeneration of Cook+Chill or TK (frozen foods).

For in-patient care | MONDO SYSTEM

Our tray systems from the MONDO world enable you to distribute 2-6 component menus, in stationary facilities as well as in assisted living, with the classic cook and serve, cook and chill or frozen food method: the system guarantees a delivery temperature of 65°C/149°F up to 3 hours. In order to make the cold, in addition to the hot, stay cold even better, there is the air conditioning system with the BLUEMAX cooling lid.

The TEATIME system is delivered as an independent box, in stationary facilities or in assisted living. It includes breakfast, dinner, snacks, cakes and drinks. The box can be stored in any common refrigerator model until the cold meal is consumed. Bread and rolls are delivered to the customer outside the box.



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