BOWLS SYSTEM- For the delivery of dining groups 

The system for food distribution with ideal temperature maintenance for group catering


The system with bowl portioning for the group table for use in:

  • Residential groups in senior facilities
  • Care facilities with a shared lunch menu
  • Facilities for people with disabilities
  • Day care centers
  • Other nursing and care facilities

Bowl systems for the group table

Lunch together, whether in day-care centers or in supervised living groups, is an important fixed point in the daily routine and offers the opportunity for social contacts in a pleasant atmosphere like at home at the family table. The DINNER-MAX BOWL SYSTEM is ideal for catering for dining groups in kindergartens as well as in senior and disabled facilities with a shared lunch menu. It offers the possibility for each individual dining group to arrange the dishes for each component in attractive porcelain bowls in the kitchen. The bowls, sealed with silicone lids, are then delivered to the respective dining groups in special insulated boxes. Due to the excellent insulating properties of the system, food can be kept hot and cold for up to 3 hours. This enables either a long hot delivery or the on-site regeneration of Cook+Chill or TK (frozen foods).

This is how food distribution works with the BOWL SYSTEM

The preheated porcelain bowls are individually filled with one component of the ordered dish for each group and then sealed with a silicone lid. Alternatively, the COOK+CHILL or frozen foods process can be used. The Cook+Chill or TK (frozen foods) can be provided with different coloured silicone lids in the bowls and regenerated in the combi steamer or convection oven.

The porcelain bowls are placed in insulated boxes that ensure a guaranteed hot/cold and safe transport in the delivery service’s vehicles. 3 hours hot! 4 hours cold!

Each dining group receives its own insulated box with its individually portioned bowls. The porcelain bowls and insulated boxes from the day before will be taken back.

The meals that are delivered hot can now be removed from the group themselves by the meal participants or portioned onto the plates by the support staff. Cook+Chill or TK (frozen foods) food delivered cold are first regenerated in the convect oven, combi steamer or convection oven with a lid for 30-50 minutes.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Lunch like at home at the lunch table
  • One insulation box per group · Individual, group-specific portioning
  • Analogue and digital logistics support
  • A shapely bowl with a tight silicone lid for each food component
  • Group-specific portioning = less cost of goods
  • Self-determined mealtime
  • No handling and rinsing in the facility
  • 3 hours hot + tight
  • Even more economical to use with Cook + Chill and Frozen Foods
  • The bowls with lids are suitable for combi steamers and convection ovens
  • The system parts are compatible with: MONDO, VARIO, BRAVO

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