MONDO INDUCTION – The induction system for meals on wheels

The induction-capable insulation and crockery system for the gentle regeneration of food directly at the customer’s

Insulation box, porcelain crockery and induction station for COOK and CHILL and TK (frozen foods): This is MONDO INDUCTION

You bring the flavors and ingredients of your fresh kitchen to your customers without loss, with the MONDO INDUCTION “Cook+Chill”. Through the induction process, the chilled and frozen dishes are gently heated and cooked (regenerated) right at the customer’s location. The compact system transports and presents a complete menu consisting of a main course, soup, salad, salad dressing and dessert on the DINNER-MAX high-tech porcelain. While the main course and soup are gently regenerated, the air conditioning with the special BLUEMAX cooling lid ensures that salad, salad dressing and dessert stay pleasantly fresh and cool. The operation of the system is a piece of cake for the customer. Give your customers the freedom to decide when to eat and use the economic advantages that the MONDO INDUCTION offers you!

This is how MONDO INDUCTION works

The porcelain dishes portioned with food and covered with a lid are positioned in the closed insulating box on the induction station. The to be heated porcelain parts, the main course plate and soup bowl, have a metallic coating on their bottom. The generator (transmitter) in the induction station converts mains current (230 V) into high-frequency current. This current flows through the two copper coils in the station, which are located exactly under the main dish and the soup bowl. As soon as the induction station has started, an eddy current, i.e. heat, is generated in the metal coating of the plate (receiver). This heat, together with the metal coating, ensures gentle and even heating (regeneration) of the dishes in the porcelain dishes, while the non-metallic coated dishes remain cold.

Safety and barrier-free handling. Quality “Made in Germany”

MONDO INDUCTION has a wide range of operating aids and safety precautions that do not only make the use of the system a piece of cake for seniors, but also absolutely safe. The device was put through its paces by the AEE (Association of Electrical Engineering) and received the coveted “AEE” certificate as well as the “GS” award for tested safety! This means that all regulations of the European Product Liability Act regarding the handling of electrical devices by people with age-related restrictions are complied with.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Suitable for portioning and delivery of cook and chill and frozen meals
  • Isolated transport up to 4 hours below 10°C/50°F
  • Induction regeneration at home with the meal participant
  • Gentle heating of the food components with simultaneous cooling of salad and dessert
  • Simple, senior-friendly operation
  • Induction stations with safety equipment in accordance with the provisions of the European Product Liability Act for:
    • Prevention of foreseeable abuse
    • Prevention of foreseeable misuse

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Our team will gladly advise you!

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