Logistics equipment for the perfectly functioning kitchen process 

“A system is always as good as its logistics”


Logistics and organization equipment for the ideal distribution of food after preparation

For the system resources of our products to be used optimally, there are our special DINNER-MAX LOGISTICS HELPERS. These logistics devices guarantee efficient and smooth process organisation in the kitchen. You thus make a decisive contribution to the cost-effectiveness of the menu service. This means that breakage is prevented, unnecessary manipulations are avoided and the food is optimally and hygienically temperature controlled.

An overview of our solutions for your logistics

  • For the insulating boxes:
    • special shelf trolleys
  • For the plates:
    • Special plate stacker (with heating function)
    • Plate stacker (for Cook + Chill)
    • Special plate stacker (with I tube)
    • Plate transport trolleys (for Cook + Chill)
  • For the side dishes:
    • Basket stacker (with heating function)
    • Basket stacker (open, not heated)
    • Baskets for basket stackers
    • Basket roller (for approx. 10 crockery baskets)
  • Storage baskets for lid
  • For an optimal process organization of the portioning:
    • Workstations and food distribution belts 
  • For transport in the kitchen:
    • platform trolley for the portioned boxes
  • For cleaning:
    • Dish racks for complete boxes
    • Dish racks for main dinner plate lids
    • Dish racks for side dishes
    • Dish rack adaptation for tape machines

A detailed product list is available on request!

Your advantages at a glance


  • … prevent breakage.
  • … enable a safe delivery
  • … avoid unnecessary manipulations
  • … guarantee exact temperature control during portioning, regeneration and order picking
  • … ensure compliance with hygiene regulations
  • … guarantee hot delivery for up to 3 hours
  • … are specially designed and manufactured for the DINNER-MAX system parts

Our Team will gladly advice you!

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Our team will gladly advise you!

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