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Reusable instead of disposable: EU ban forces food industry to rethink

With the EU-wide ban on many single-use items, caterers, party services, canteen kitchens and long-distance caterers are being forced into action. What alternatives to single-use plastic are there – and which is the right one for you as a provider?

Learn more in our blog article.

Titelbild zum Blogartikel "Mehrweg statt Einweg": EU will mit Mehrwegprodukten die Müllberge reduzieren


The DINNER-MAX reference reports provide detailed information on the use of our products and the experiences of our customers on site. Talk to us specifically about reference reports from your area and our products! 


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“Integration in the kitchen” a report about the menu facture in Kulmbach

After the reference report about the menu facture from Kulmbach, here is a film about the success story of our customer. We are happy to support them with our quality products! 

Here the report on Youtube! (german) or more information of menü facture here (german).

Our latest reference report about DIAKO-Oberfranken gGmbH | Kulmbach (german)